About Us

Humidors, Shot Glasses, Flags, Rustic Flags


Valiant Vault is a company that prides itself on its lineage, being owned and operated by an Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) Veteran and FLEO whose products are inspired by many tried and true years on the battlefield.

Valiant Vault’s handcrafted designs are contrived and manufactured in the Commonwealth of Virginia where the start of America’s free trade with the rest of the world began - in TOBACCO, to celebrate our freedom from tyranny and as a symbol of the greatest military power the world has ever witnessed.



Valiant Vault started with a focus on quality humidors for deployments of the worlds greatest SOF Operators, pioneering the first ever proprietary designed shelving. To this day, Valiant Vault's humidors are standard for the battlefield, debonaire gentleman and aficionado worldwide, American made by true American men and women.

From its conception with the .50cal humidor, Valiant Vault built its business with the philosophy of creating the best brand with the greatest quality products of its type available on the market. This mentality has extended into every item we offer.



From local, state, federal and military services, Valiant Vault has collaborated with the best and brightest minds in the world, using innovation, forethought, and ingenuity to provide the greatest handcrafted designs on the market. The desire to be the best that runs through every SOF Operator and American citizen alike, has brought together the finest details thought out to the greatest lengths to create the finest and most effective design on the market.

The company is deeply rooted within the US SOF community providing the perfect mixture of a scholar and debonaire gentleman with the rigors of real world experience and expertise to create the ambiance of a real man/woman in any situation in any facet of life.